who we are

We have been in the communications industry since 1984, and we’re still here today. Nowadays the office is a thatched cottage in the Hampshire countryside – a far cry from the Dutch barge where Lindsay-Gale started. We are small, dedicated, experienced, passionate & proud of what we do. We have no voice mail, just real people; the right people for the job.

how we see ourselves what if we were . . .
a car ?

We would probably be a reliable, safe and cost-effective VW Golf TDi. Supported by a Land Rover Defender 90, which will go anywhere if the going gets tough.

a movie ?

We are a little like Lost in Translation. This film carefully delivers a relevant and provoking story, but also leaves you thinking about it long after it has ended.

an actor ?

The late John Hurt - because, no matter the scale of project, you knew exactly what to expect. Experienced, reliable, motivated and very professional.

a meal ?

Veggie Chilli - great first time round and it gets better & better with age. Or a Pizza - add your own toppings to make it totally unique every time.

a music track ?

We are many great music tracks played by musicians, rather than sounds created by technicians. True talent will always shine through in the end.

an animal ?

Bees are pretty cool, working together in totally amazing ways. Elephants never forget stuff, but Kangaroos do have a pocket (which could be very handy).

We love our clients, and because we are passionate about what we do, they trust us to do a good job. We care about our clients businesses and products and undertake every project with a professional attitude and an open & honest approach. We are always prepared to challenge and push for what we believe to be right, without being arrogant. We understand the importance of delivering results that look great, without blowing the budget.